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Registration for the 2024

America's 9/11 Ride.

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  This year we must charge $30.00 for each Polo Shirts.
  Doing this provides additional funding for the scholarships.
  The system will enter all this in the cart and you must then check out to pay for the shirts.

Your Shirt Size
Other Staff Names
and Their Shirt Sizes

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Do You Know of Anyone Who
Can or Might Assist With The
Hotel Costs - or - how many Donation Jars
would you like?

All Escorts will be two to a room.
If there is an odd number from your department registering and you know of another escort
that you would like share rooms with please put that in the comments.

This year we are asking escorts to try to assist in covering the expenses incurred with your hotel rooms.
We would like to send you some donations jars to be placed out in the community so that others can help offset the room costs.

Donations Jars can be sent to you so that you can set them out in local businesses
and utilize those funds to help offset expenses.
Entering the 'Submit Entry' states that you agree with the above, and if shirts were ordered it will take you to check out screen to pay for the shirts.
If you have any question please email Allisont or Ted at americas911foundation.org **************************************************************